5 Fascinating Museums around the World

5 Fascinating Museums around the World

As soon as someone says Museum, the first word that comes to a kid’s mind is boring. It is a place which is the home to the historical civilisations of our time. But what if I say that there are some bizarre museums around the world which doesn’t talk about the mainstream historical facts? Instead they have the collection of the some of the most common objects form of our daily lives which have been given an interesting twist. Some of such fascinating museums around the world are:

1. Lunchbox Museum

Lunchbox was very intricate part of our childhood. It reminds us of our school days when recess surrounding by our friends and colourful lunch boxes with delicious food was our favourite time. If you ever feel like walking down the memory lane or want to reminisce about your school days, visit the Lunchbox Museum in Georgia. This museum has lunchbox of every kind, shapes and colours from all over the world. They also have the lunchboxes signed by the celebrities and kept in display for the entertainment of the visitors.

2. The Bunny Museum

The Bunny Museum of California is one of the cutest museums you will ever visit. Some of the soft toys bunnies are generations old and have their own set of families. The idea of bunny Museum was derived from the enthusiasts who were the fan of the Peter Rabbit book. In the Bunny Museum, you’ll find the whole family of Peter Rabbit residing from its great grandfather to the young little Peter Rabbit toys. The Bunny Museum has also been on the Guianese World Records twice after its inauguration.

3. The Teddy Bear Museum

The Teddy Bear Museum of Jeju Island, South Korea is one of their most famous places to visit. They have developed the mini world of Teddy bears of every culture around the world. You’ll find all kinds and shapes and sizes of teddy bears in a group which are designed by some of the best artists in the world. South Korean government has tried to promote their culture and spread awareness about their history with the help of these teddy bears.

4. Cancun Underwater Museum

The Cancun underwater museum of Mexico is a unique kind of place where some of the greatest artefacts and sculpture are kept in display under the water. This museum is the result of the collaboration between the famous artist Jason de Caires and the National Marine Park of Cancun which is in Mexico. It is considered as the world’s largest underground museum which has some really amazing life sized sculptures which tells the stories about the life of some famous historical figures as well as gives the insight of the daily life of common Mexican people, which has been designed and created by the Jason de Caires.

5. Museum of the Bad Art

The museum of the bad art is one of the most unique and bizarre museums of the world. It is one of those fascinating museums where instead of the most prized possessions; the talent of the bad art is respected. It is filled by some of the most ridiculous and childlike paintings and drawings by various artists, which look like they have just scribbled something in the wall while they started learning the art. So, the next time you feel bad about your drawing, remember there is this museum situated in the Massachusetts, which values your art.