Band Aid – An invention by a husband for his wife

Band Aid – An invention by a husband for his wife

Have you ever tried to find out who Invented Band Aid?

What must have led to this invention?

Here we present the answer to this intriguing question :)

Band aid was an invention done at home by a husband for his wife


We all know that a band aid is an adhesive strip used for medical dressing cuts and sores which are not serious injuries.

The adhesive bandages were first invented in 1920 by Earle Dickson to heal the wounds of his wife Josephine who got several cuts and sores on her hands and fingers while cooking. Isn’t that caring!!!

Earle had to everyday put a medicine, cut cotton and tie it with an adhesive tape on each cut and wound. But all these strips would fall off soon from her fingers.

So, one day he thought of preparing a ready to use bandage by placing pieces of cotton gauze on the adhesive strip and covered it all with Crinoline to keep it sterile. He could now just cut the strip and stick it on the cuts and wounds, thus leading to an invention of a ready to use bandage.

He was working as a cotton buyer at Johnson & Johnson. One day when he spoke to his boss about the invention, his boss James Johnson decided to produce these adhesive bandages under the trademark Band-AID* and Earle was made the Vice President in the company. (Behind every successful man there’s a woman indeed)

Later in 1924 these adhesive Band-Aids were made through machines.

In 1938 completely sterilized bandages were manufactured.

In the year 1997 these were specially formulated antibiotic ointment on its strip.

These adhesive bandages kept evolving right from its invention till date and has even gone into the space with Mercury Astronauts.

In fact, there’s a liquid bandage now – a kind of an antiseptic glue that closes the cut completely. These liquid bandages are even used by surgeons in minor surgeries.

Effective and Popular, Band Aids are a part of a first aid kit in each and every household. And the unique thing is that with many more medical inventions happening on regular basis we do not see the use of a band aid going away ever.