Brain Training App for Dementia

Brain Training App for Dementia

It’s the era of technology, and over the past few years technology has grown phenomenally. The mysteries of technological advancements from communication to electronic machines doing household tasks, from general treatments to robotics surgeries, from managing mundane jobs to the advent of AI, there are enormous changes happening around us all the time.

Another invention or a by product of technology is called “App”. Every second day a new app is developed. You name a thing and there is an App for it.

There’s a completely new game app “The Brain Training App” which has recently come up to boost your memory.

This game app is developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge.

  • It helps to improve memory of patients who are in earlier stages of Dementia.
  • To prove it, the researchers tested its effects on patients with Amnestic Mild Cognitive Memory (aMCI) also known as incipient dementia (it causes slight reduction in cognitive abilities, memory and thinking skills).
  • The results of the tests showed that these patients who played the game app, performed better in episodic memory – the memory of past experiences of autobiographical events at a particular time and place.