Cartoons – The best teacher

Cartoons – The best teacher

Cartoons have been a major part of all our childhood. We grew up watching these colourful animated pictures on our television and religiously followed them every day of every week. Cartoon channels like Disney, Cartoon network, Pogo, Hungama, etc. became our world and our favourite cartoon characters became our friends.

We might not have realised this as kids, but now when I look back, I see that most of those cartoon has taught us some major and valuable lessons in life. They were not only some television shows which made us laugh, but it also made us stronger and smarter in some ways.

Few of such cartoon characters and cartoon shows are:

Tom and Jerry

  • Presence of Mind
  • Innovation
  • Decisiveness


Tom and Jerry has been the favourite cartoon of all the generations. Tom, a cat and Jerry, a mouse has been fighting with each other since ages. The main plotline of this cartoon was the regular bickering and chasing between a cat and mouse. But Jerry always made way for himself and got out of Tom’s grip with his innovative ideas. Jerry teaches us not to get intimidated by the strong rivals and use your presence of mind at the moment to get out of trouble.

SpongeBob Squarepants

  • Optimism
  • Hard Work
  • Positivity


SpongeBob of SpongeBob Squarepants was one of the most optimistic characters one will ever encounter. He was full positivity and always used to smile no matter what situation he was in. He was one of those cartoon character who taught us to always look on the brighter side of life and not be dishearten about things which you cannot get. SpongeBob was a hardworking fellow who lived his life to the fullest and wit utmost positivity, even when no one else did.

Scooby doo

  • Have Courage
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Conquer your Inner Fears


Scooby doo was one of those cartoons which were enjoyed by everyone. It had some really funny and diverse characters that were always on a go to hunt for ghosts. They were a group of five friends including a dog called Scooby, who ironically was the most coward of the lot. Scooby doo taught us number lessons which are both valuable for the children and adults.

The group of five friends were the detectives who used to hunt for some scary ghosts that were haunting their town, but as it always turns out, the ghost was some human who was wearing a mask to scare away the people. First lesson that Scooby doo taught us was to not trust the strangers. You would never know what their real purpose is and what they want form you.

The other lessons which Scooby doo taught us was to face your own fears. Even though Scooby was always surrounded by his friends, he had to overcome his fear of ghosts by himself. Facing your biggest fear on your own and learning from you mistake is another life lesson taught by Scooby doo.

Along with these, Scooby doo also taught us the meaning of age old saying- Never judge the book by its cover.

By the end of the every episode we realised that the ghost was some evil guy and a human being himself. Our biggest enemy is not our opponents but the fear within ourselves. If we can overcome that, no one can scare us with their petty tricks.

Richie Rich

  • Respect
  • Humility
  • Use your resources for the right cause


Richie Rich was so much more than just a rich kid. Even though he had all the wealth in the world, he was never a conceited boy who would disregard anyone. In fact, Richie Rich taught us to be never proud of you and one should always help other with whatever resources they have. He was rich young boy who used his money and power for all the right reasons.

These are some of the few but indeed one of the most famous cartoons from our childhood which taught us many precious lessons about life that our textbooks couldn’t do. We must allow our kids to watch those cartoons which teach those many things indirectly that are good for their future.

Credit: Manisha Singh