Dedicated Riddle Poems

Dedicated Riddle Poems

Only after the last tree is cut down, the last fish is eaten and the last river poisoned, you will finally realize that you cannot eat money.

Riddle 1

Roots hang down,
Near the ground.

Classes are bunk,
To see my Trunk.

People come from meadows,
To sit in my shadows.

Everyone believes,
I have more leaves.

There comes the bird,
To eat the fallen curd.

I am neat,
If you don’t beat.

If you cut us,
We will make a fuss.

I don’t have a hoof,
And also can’t move.

Banyan Tree

I am older than you,
Ask people few.

I am very free,
Because I’m the national tree.

So guess who am I?
I am a Banyan tree!



Riddle 2

Gently I go,
Very slow.

Slow, slow, slow,
Flowing with a glow.

I am calm,
Giving no harm.

Please don’t pollute,
I will salute.

Let’s be in a team,
hat’s what it seem.

If we be near,
There is no fear.

You need me all the time,
I am also mixed in lime.

riddle imageI also come from your eyes,
I can’t tell lies.

Sometimes I feel like coming down,
I come down but not in the town.

So guess who am I?
I am Water!

Credit: Kaishaa – Class IV (Junior Author)