Five successful mantras of Parenting

Five successful mantras of Parenting

Being a parent does not come with any rule book. “I may make mistakes, I am not perfect”. But what matters the most is the way I change myself for the betterment of my kids. Follow these 5 practical tips which will help in shaping up your kid’s future in a better way.

  1. Listen

Lend your ears to your kids for everything they want to share with you. If you do not listen earnestly to their little stuff, they won’t be interested to tell you any larger stuff which happens to them when they grow up.

  1. Praise your partner

“I never knew how much I loved your father, until I saw how much he loved you”. What you want your kid to feel for you needs to be demonstrated. Never be rough, loud or use wrong words in front of your kids in times of any disagreement.

  1. Express Gratitude

Even if your child picks up a rock or a small stone and gift it to you, express your gratitude while receiving it. Never laugh at her/him. It may be the only thing they have with them and they have chosen to give it to you.

  1. Beware of your own actions

Our kids pick up a great deal on how we embrace them each morning. How we react when we break something in the house, what do we utter when we are stuck in traffic jams, with what interest we listen to them… is all being watched by them. Be aware of your actions!!! We are role models for them. Never do something in front of them which you don’t expect them to do to you.

  1. Maintain the tone and pitch of your voice

High tone or Yelling, whatever you wish to call it actually silences you message. Never raise your voice beyond a limit whatever the matter be. Speak in a decent pitch so that children can hear your words instead of your voice.