In Their Shoes

In Their Shoes

The alarm shrieked at 6:00 am. A toy depicting crying baby came out of the little door at the top of the clock and made a loud noise.

in their shoes1The sleepy snake lazily slithered towards the clock to turn the alarm off. He quickly freshened up and wore his jacket and belt made of pure human skin and drank human milk. He then set off for work.

The workplace was as usual in a humdrum. The cows were taking care of the company’s dairy supply. The elephants and trees were incharge of the pharmaceutical department. Deers and tigers were in the home décor department.

The chicken, goat, pig, fish and trees were managing the food department.  As for the snake, he was with the polar bear and crocodile in the textile and clothing department. It was just a usual day at work for the denizens of the forest.

Let’s hear an excerpt from their conversation during lunch break:

in their shoes2Chicken (while chewing a human leg): Oh the sweet and spicy taste of human is my ultimate weakness. Just the other day pig and I went to the poultry. The next batches of human babies look amazing.

Tree: Really? The human fruits this time aren’t looking good so we had to inject them with pesticides.Poor things, they were transfixed and couldn’t move an inch.

Cow: Same! The milk just wasn’t up to mark so we had to inject hormonal stimulants.

Tiger: You guys, I don’t understand how you survive such stagnant jobs. My job is so full of thrill. Just last week I went for a hunt in the city. I caught this big fiery human so scared. He now proudly hangs on the wall of my den.

in their shoes3Elephant: Oh wait, till you hear my experience. I almost got bitten by a human when I was taking his teeth out for the new medication.

Snake: Enough about work, you guys. It is our break time, for god’s sake. Hey Monkey, I saw your pictures on Animal world. Your little one seemed to be having the time of her life with the human baby in the zoo.

Monkey: Oh definitely. She made such funny faces at one  baby. The baby almost fell on to his bottom!

in their shoes4Camel: Really! It must have been hilarious. Last vacation, Donkey and I took our families for a little trip. Our kids couldn’t contain themselves after riding the Humans. They kept crying for one more ride.

Snake: Wow! Just the other day, I was taking a stroll in the woods and I came across this Human Charmer. He asked me to come touch a Human! Can you believe it? At first I was scared, but then the charmer assured me that the venom had been taken out of the human.

Monkey: So you touched a human? Even I shook hands with one. But it was tied up and trained so there was no danger involved.

An alarm rings indicating the end of the break.

Tree: Quick! Pack up before the Stream (the boss) flows down here for an inspection.

The tree was right. The stream came rushing down on me!!! And I woke up from this strange and dreadful dream.

How can the roles reverse? That was indeed terrifying.

Even in a dream, a treatment as such which actually keeps happening every moment seems so cruel and barbaric. Is this how we treat our flora and fauna?

I quickly rushed to my mother and narrated the dream. She, with her half hearted smile told me that humans have become extremely insensitive and are mindlessly exploiting the gift of nature for their own benefit.

I promised myself that I will make a difference and will start with it right now. Do you want to partner with me on my pledge to the Mother Earth?