Must Have Apps For Students

Must Have Apps For Students

The chances of finding a student who doesn’t use a phone or a laptop these days is quite slim. Students use different applications for entertainment and educational (yes, really) purposes. Every student probably has plenty of applications that they use on a daily basis. Here are six more to help you out!

  1. PhotoMath

    PhotoMath lets you point your phone camera at a math problem and the app will answer the question and show you the step-by-step explanation. It makes checking your answers to see where you went wrong easier and saves you a lot of time on questions with long answers.

  1. Sleep Cycle

    Sleep in one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With the increasing amount of stress in every student’s life, getting regular sleep is something only a fraction of students practice. This app analyses your sleep and wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase the next morning so that you feel more rested when you wake up.

  1. Self Control

    Often referred to the social media generation, we students tend to spend a lot of time online. This app blocks certain websites that can distract you from studying for a set amount of time. Even if you restart or delete it, this app makes it tough to access those addicting social media accounts during your designated study time.

  1. Flipboard

    Tired of your teachers saying you lack general knowledge? Flipboard will give you a collection of great news items from around the world based on what you find interesting. You can select a large number of topics you want to get daily information on and this app will personalize a dashboard just for you filled with all the relevant information.

  1. Khan Academy

    More than 4,200 educational videos that let you learn about anything from math to computing from music to college admissions. A go-to website for getting help with tough subjects or for exploring new topics.

  1. Alarmy

    This app has been rated as ‘The World’s Most Annoying Alarm App’. It makes you solve a math equation or take a picture to match one taken earlier (which is generally your sink – the logic being that since you’re now there you might as well brush and wake up). If you fail at the task, the alarm continues to ring. No amount of trying to switch your phone off will work with this app.