Summer Camps 2019


Featured - Brainobrain

Brain O Brain & The Craft Cafe – Science Wonders

Science wonders for kids in the summer camp in association with the Craft Café for exploring magical science through Magnets, ...
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Featured - Brilliance School

Brilliance School

Summer camp for kids for learning Dance, Drama, science, pool party, public speaking, flameless cooking, art and craft Date: 20 ...
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Featured - Chalk Tree

Chalk Tree Global School

Summer camp for kids for learning STEM activities, Sports, Basketball, skating, theatre, coding, puppetry, robotics Date: May - June 2019 ...
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Featured - Pioneer Park

Fun with Food @ Pioneer Park & DLF 1

Summer camp for kids for culinary skills, creative thinking, teamwork, multi-tasking, resource management Date: 27 May – 31 May 2019 ...
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Featured - Mini Marvel

Mini Marvel Pre School

Summer camp for kids for exploring the world of  sun , sea, sand, adventure, rain and shine, forests, bugs and ...
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Featured - Crochet

Crochet and Macrame Workshop

Summer camp for kids for trying a new skill of Crochet and Macrame Date: May - June 2019 Age: 5 ...
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Featured - Discovery

Discovery Montessori, USA

Summer camp for kids for discovering India, etiquette, wonders of colors, genius me, little footsteps, backyard fun, healthy and happy ...
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Featured - Evolve

Evolve Studio

Summer camp for kids for building self-esteem through various methods that include Yoga, Zumba, Meditation, Gymnastics, Creativity, Games, Cooking, Clay, ...
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Featured - Footprints


Summer camp for kids to learn paper crafts, dance, Gardening, Drama, non-fire cooking, puppet show, pottery, football, storytelling Come and ...
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Featured - Global Ways School

Global Ways School

Tap your feet, have fun through Art Jam, Yoga, Creativity, Games, Cooking, Clay, Splash Pool and learn theatre in this ...
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Featured - Green

Green Workshop

Let’s go green this summer 2019 with hand crafted planters by Ashm Verma Date: 21 May –26 May 2019 Age: ...
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Featured - SIS

Sis Prep School

Summer camp for kids for building science knowledge and become yound little scientists Date: 20 May – 31 May 2019 ...
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Featured - Himanshu

Himanshu Art Institute

Learn Calligraphy, Pottery, Doodle art, water color, pot painting, bag painting, glass painting, tie and dye in this year’s summer ...
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Featured - Hobby Academy

Hobby Academy

Unleash your kid’s unique potential by enhancing spontaneity, confidence, creativity, teamwork, discipline and physical fitness through summer camp 2019 Date: ...
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Featured - Klay

Klay Pre Schools

Learn multiple skills for your kids through summer camp 2019 under the categories of music and movements, tricks and spells, ...
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Featured - Culinary

Summer Culinary Workshop

Learn italian, mexican, Asian cuisine through culinary workshop this summer 2019 Date: 27 May - 21 June Come and visit ...
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Featured - Made Easy School

Made Easy School

Let your kids learn gymnastic skills, mental skills, and social skills in this summer camp 2019 - Critical thinking, problem ...
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Featured - MMI

Modern Montessori International School

Say hello to nature this summer. Let your kids become story weavers, clay players, dancers, nature scientists and many more ...
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Featured - Nexgenskills

Nxt Gen Skills

Experimental workshop on Coding, Electronics and Robotics this summer for all young innovators and engineers of future. Date: 10 May ...
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Featured - Painting

Painting Workshop

Explore the fun of art and creativity through painting workshop Date: 18 May - 23 May 2019 Age: 10+ yrs ...
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Featured - Smiggles

Smiggles Summer Camp 2019

Explore the fun of art, creativity, yoga, phonics, origami, Zumba, aerobics and baking through summer workshop for kids Date:  20 ...
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Featured - Bellas N Bambinos

Bellas and Bambinos

Explore the fun of photography:  shoot and thrive  and photoshala Date:  June 2019 Age: 2 yrs -10 yrs Come and ...
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Featured - Summer camp DLF V

Summer Camp 2019 @ DLF V

Explore the fun of art and craft, flame-less cooking, storytelling, music, dance and brainstorming games Date:  20 May 2019 onwards ...
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Featured - Reiki Kids

Reiki Summer Camp

Increase focus, immunity, relationships, good sleep, and creativity; and teach to give healing to pets, plants, family, friends and self ...
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Featured - Nexgenbot

Nex Zen Bot

Creative IoT Lab to learn robotics and coding this summer for kids who will understand the concepts of MIT scratch ...
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Featured - Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids International Preschool

Help your kids learn a bunch of new things this summer, explore the world of Zumba, dance, pottery, art, science, ...
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Featured - My Dance and Fitness Centre

My Dance and Fitness Centre

Help your kids learn a bunch of new things this summer, explore the world of gymnastics, theatre, dance,  art, science, ...
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Featured - Baking Classes

Baking classes

Help your kids learn the art of healthy snacking and help them learn the art of baking too. Date:  May ...
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Featured - MDFC

MDFC Summer Camp

Summer camp on Dance, gymnastic, acting music, storytelling, art and craft for your kids this summer 2019 Date:  May 2019 ...
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Featured - Stories Summer Camp

Stories Summer Camp

Summer camp on Storytelling, gardening, flameless cooking, newspaper reading, music, art and craft Date:  20 May - 20 June 2019 ...
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Featured - Think Right

Think Right

Japanese right brain development program for kids with the help of memory games, high speed flash cards and other innovative ...
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Featured - Sesame Street

Sesame Street Preschool

Summer camp on Zumba, aerobics, sports, Storytelling, abacus, pottery, magic with numbers, splash pool, art and craft Date:  20 May ...
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Featured - Rainbow

Rainbow Kidzz Junction

Enroll for summer classes on public speaking, maths fun, science experiments, group discussion, Bollywood dance, fireless cooking, splash pool, origami, ...
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Featured - Believe


Enroll for theatrical summer classes this Summer by Alumunus of NSD - Binod Sharma, Hema Bisht.  Date: May 2019 onwards ...
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Featured - Solar Energy Ryders

Solar Energy and Robotics Summer Camp

Ryder’s Sports Academy in collaboration with BeGenesis Skills Academy presents the Solar Challenge in which kids will use the power ...
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Featured - The Beehive

The Beehive

Summer camp 2019 for kids in Sushant Lok 1 for Photography, theater, gardening, robocoders, animation Date: 20 May  and 21 ...
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Featured - the art room

The Art Room

Ceramic 5 day camp during this summer for kids at the Art Room for enhancing creativity and exploring clays – ...
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Featured - Talent Connect

Talent Connect India

Enroll for summer classes on Dance, music, yoga, drawing and zumba Date: 13 May - 14 June 2019 Age: 3 ...
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Featured - Alphabyte


Learn robotics for kids, logical & reasoning, coding at Alphabyte this summer in 2019 Date: 13 May -28 June 2019 Age: 5 ...
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leens logo

Leens Nestling

Super Fun Science Camp Children are led on a learning adventure in this fun & challenging camp filled with “hands-on, ...
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