The Honourable Bird – Jatayu

The Honourable Bird – Jatayu


  • Recently, our prime Minister pointed out that Jatayu was not just a figure in an epic but a source of inspiration about how deal with the powerful yet malicious forces on the face of the Earth today.
  • The Prime Minister said Jatayu sacrificed his life taking on a strong man to defend the dignity of a woman. “Jatayu’s fight gives us the inspiration to take on terrorism. It also gives the message to live for humanity,” he said.

It is said that once animals give someone their heart and loyalty, they remain faithful to them forever. Can’t we humans learn this from them?

Jatayu, the sacrificing vulture gave up his life to try and save Sita from the clutches of the powerful Ravana.

jatayuOn meeting lord Ram, instead of regretting putting his life in danger, he apologised for not being successful in his attempt to save Sita Mata. A close friend of Sri Ram’s father- king Dashratha, he had promised to protect them in the forest during their exile.

“We can learn so much from this brave angel. The values of righteousness and conscientiousness to stand up against evil, the quality of loyalty which has turned so rare in the world, the fearlessness and will to give up his life for a good cause.”

jatayu1Jatayu – The bird of honour died a painful death, yet he lives in the hearts of millions. The great Jatayu, had already discovered the secret of true immortality – being audacious, kind and righteous. We will always remember such a pure soul.

We, humans are known for the uncanny ability to feel emotions so strongly. Yet we have become so insensitive in today’s world. We follow the rules of diffusion of responsibility and keep expecting others to do something good. Read any news of accidents or theft or eve teasing, most of us usually shut our eyes thinking that someone else could help them. Can you find an answer to this great mystery? WHY ARE WE LIKE THIS?