Doctor’s Day

The Story Behind Doctor’s Day…through a poem

Doctors, Doctors,
The great masterminds,
Behind every legend or story,
Though not hard to find.

They risk their own lives,
For our safety and security,
But they don’t get enough credit,
They are no less than the military

So this doctor’s day,
Let’s wish them ‘THANKYOU!’
For everything they have done,
And everything they do.

Happy doctor’s day!

Dr. B.C. Roy is behind this tradition,
Celebrated on 1st of July,
As it’s the birth and death anniversary,
Of the same legendary guy.

The government of 1991,
Marked this special day,
And kept it for Dr. Roy,
To celebrate Doctor’s day!

He lived a happy 80 years,
With the country’s highest civilian award,
The Bharat Ratna on February 4 1961,
Very little people could get such a reward.

He was the one to establish,
Something very useful in 1928,
It was the Medical Council of India,
It was indeed great.

In the year 1947,
He became,
The Governor of Uttar Pradesh,
Through which he gained a lot of fame.

He was a physician,
A widely renowned one,
He was also the second chief minister of Bengal,
To honour him this culture begun.

So once again,
Let’s take a vow,
To respect doctors from all abroad,
From the past till now.