The Tale of Bambi – What does it reflect?

The Tale of Bambi – What does it reflect?

There is a long tradition of adding cute animals into narratives of some great movies. Cute animals, great animation, beautiful music, and useful life lessons is what BAMBI is all about. Bambi, though not filled with rainbows and butterflies, teaches us lessons that life often teaches us the hard way.

Let’s get into a sneak preview.

  • Life goes on, Try harder!

No matter how strongly you wish for time to rewind, time doesn’t stop for anyone. It’s you, who need to catch up with its pace. As a baby, Bambi had a lot of trouble walking, just being able to stand up and on how to speak. But with the aid of his new best friend Thumper, he finally masters these skills. He believed that life will go on and he has to overcome all obstacles to accomplish what is considered difficult to attain.

  • Time hurts and time heals

Bambi’s Mother: Bambi. Quick! The thicket!

[they run; a gunshot is heard]

Bambi’s Mother: Faster! Faster, Bambi! Don’t look back! Keep running! Keep running!

[Gunshot is heard, then silence]

Time can sometimes be quite harsh. It many a times does not consider your feelings and emotions. It doesn’t bring back what you love, it doesn’t skip what troubles you, what it does is heal the wounds. No matter how irrecoverable your problems might seem, given time they all fade into the background. As Bambi grows up, he slowly starts to move on from his mum’s death. Time becomes a natural healer. While no one ever forgets the ones we have lost, but the pain subsides in due course of time.

  • Every action has a consequence

Thumper: He doesn’t walk very good, does he?

Mrs. Rabbit: Thumper!

Thumper: Yes, mama?

Mrs. Rabbit: What did your father tell you this morning?

Thumper: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.

The saddest part of Bambi is his mother’s demise. Most of our actions hopefully should not result in a child losing his/her mother, but the point still stands. One needs to think one’s actions as one never can predict what could happen as a result. Bambi’s one after the other actions throughout his journey at the end, finally brings back his spring with two young fawns, the offspring of Bambi and Faline. Bambi watches proudly from a cliff and takes the place as the Great Prince of the Forest.

  • Know who your real friend is

Never be afraid to ask for help. A social support network helps you get through the troubles of life. Know who your real friends are and keep them close. A friend is what the hearts need all the time, but knowing who your actual friend is what that matters. The innocent white-tailed inquisitive deer, Bambi grows up in a loving environment with his best friends, Thumper and Flower who has been with him always.

  • Killing of animals and de-forestation

Great Prince of the Forest: It is Man. He is here again. There are many this time. We must go deep into the forest. Hurry! Follow me!”

Animals have feelings just like humans, they have homes to go to; they have children; and they too have sense of community. The fire near the end of the movie symbolizes how humans are leading destruction, destroying animals’ homes and killing them. Preserve wildlife and forests are the need of the hour. We must pass this message to our next generation and re-think on our ways of treating animals in real world.